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Why I want to try the Paleo diet

Midway upon the journey of our life

I found myself within a forest dark,

For the straightforward pathway had been lost.

Hello all and welcome to my blog!

Sorry for that heavy intro, but I think Dante’s introduction to Inferno is really an awesome way to describe the way I am feeling about food at the moment, lost and uncertain about how to proceed.

While I will be blogging anonymously (at least for now) I wanted to give some sort of intro to who I am and why I am writing about Paleo.

I am a 29 year old male and I think I am in decent shape. My job requires me to sit at a desk for several hours each day, however, I do workout regularly, mainly just jogging. I have been getting more and more concerned with my eating habits, and really my whole overall health, basically since I graduated from college six years ago.

I’ve been following Paleo for quite some time, but just haven’t yet really given it a try. This blog is my attempt at switching to, or at least trying, the Paleo lifestyle or something based off Paleo. I thought using this blog would be a way for me to record my experience and hold myself accountable. It also lets me put time into researching Paleo further and writing articles about it, which will help me learn as well as hopefully any readers.

You should note that I am a beginner to Paleo. I’m not an expert or a professional nutritionist or health expert. I’ll no doubt be writing a disclaimer like that on every page and post. I’ll try to use a lot of sources too.

Back to going Paleo, I wouldn’t say that I currently eat that unhealthily. I am conscious of what is bad and what is good. I do try to eat my fruits and veggies. I usually home cook my meals, almost never eating out, and I try to not use too much processed food, although I really do probably eat a lot of processed stuff. I also worry about sodium a lot.

I think the few unhealthy eating habits I have are:

  1. I eat cheese daily
  2. I have the occasional soda
  3. I drink 3-4 mugs of coffee each day
  4. Chips & Pretzels. I regularly eat chips or pretzels, probably every other day
  5. Gum & Candy. Only occasionally.
  6. Drinking alcoholic beverages multiple times per week, mainly beer
  7. I eat Pizza at least once a week.
  8. I eat noodles weekly.

All of that stuff will have to be cut out with the Paleo diet.

I’m really trying Paleo because I want to eat healthier, but I have major concerns over whether I will be able to not drink coffee every morning. I also love cheese, pizza, and noodles and don’t even know if I want to give those up for the rest of my life. However, I am committed to giving them up in the short-term and then at least eating them a lot less overall.

I also won’t be giving up alcohol for life. Drinking is kind of what me and my friends do, whether it be having parties, going to bars, or for special occasions. I currently have cut down to the point where I will just try to sip a beer all night, which will probably be a permanent change. However, for the short term I will be giving up alcohol altogether.

I found this thing called Whole30 which I will be writing about in my next post.

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