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The Primal Blueprint: Is this a better fit for me?

As I was lurking around r/Paleo the other day, I came across a thread where the original poster had asked something like, “How long have you stuck with the primal blueprint” or something to that effect.

I had heard of the primal blueprint before and was aware of the popularity of the book. I also knew it was close to Paleo, but I guess I never paid it too much attention. I didn’t realize that the primal blueprint wasn’t just a book and website, but the author also has a blog at that is one of the biggest primal blogs going and I’ve visited it quite a few times.

Reading through that thread on Reddit, a ton of people were saying they had stuck with this diet (the primal blueprint) for a long time. Many others said this was the only Paleo-type diet to work for them.

One other thing stood out to me in that primal blueprint thread, this diet lets you eat dairy. So it is basically Paleo, but allows for Dairy.

That was enough to get me to start going through Mark’s resources on his blog and digging a bit more into the primal blueprint.

The blueprint is really more than just a diet. It is a lifestyle wherein you live like our ancestors in an attempt to be healthier. While Mark does write a lot about numbers, it seems like the primal blueprint is a little more flexible about stuff than some other diets. Besides Dairy, he also allows for some carbs which could come from stuff like beans.

Mark has a really detailed page on the Primal Blueprint that you can read by following that link.

He also made this awesome infographic, which I love because of its simplicity in explaining what the Primal Blueprint is. I’ve attached that graphic below.

I’m now considering whether I should just switch to the Primal Blueprint instead of Whole30. I’ll write about my doubts regarding Whole30 tomorrow.

The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Challenge
Learn more at Mark’s Daily Apple.

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