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Maybe Whole30 isn’t a great fit for me?

After spending more time going through Paleo foods and recipes, I am realizing that maybe Whole 30 isn’t the best option for me.

While I really want to do a fairly strict Paleo diet for the first 30 days, I think there are some things that I won’t be able to just cut out of my diet completely right away. I’d rather phase them out to the point where I only eat or drink them on rare occasions.

I also don’t see why I can’t eat stuff like Almond flour, Coconut flour, Almond Milk, Coconut milk, fruit juice, and some other stuff.

The biggest reason I’m debating about doing Whole30 is that I just don’t want to obsess about my food that much. I want to eat healthy, not stress over some overly complicated food restrictions. I think that stress would be terrible for me and would make this whole going Paleo thing into a nightmare.

There actually is a post on the Whole30 website about one of the founder’s sisters having similar problems with Whole30. She obsessed over it in an unhealthy way.

They also give a quiz that I think is helpful. It reads:

  1. Does the idea of accidentally eating an off-plan food or “cheating” literally keep you up at night?
  2. Do you feel you have to measure, track and analyze every bite of food (and does being unable to do so make you anxious)?
  3. Are you hyper-selective with respect to food quantity or food choices simply in an effort to be “more strict”? (Carrots are too sugary, fruit and nuts are off limits)?
  4. Have you deliberately changed the program (by eliminating calories, fat grams, carbs or food choices) to the degree that it is no longer optimally healthy?
  5. Do you feel compelled to make alterations to the program for any reason other than health?

If you answered “yes” to more than one of these questions, your Whole30 might be moving you in the direction of “less healthy,” both mentally and physically.

I basically am thinking yes to all of those, and thus I think maybe Whole30 is a poor fit for me. I also keep looking at the Whole30 Version 2.0 timeline, which is pretty daunting and makes it seem like Whole30 is a huge challenge.

Instead of doing Whole30, I am considering doing my own diet that I am dubbing “95% Paleo.”

Basically, I will eat 95% Paleo foods. Pretty simple, right?

I also won’t be even trying to make it be exactly 95% overall. I will just try to eat Paleo but not feel bad about eating other stuff in small moderation or occasionally. This leaves it so that I can cheat a little each day, which will be helpful as I phase out stuff like coffee and dairy.

I see a lot of people doing that anyways and calling it Whole30, but I just don’t want to do that.

I’m guessing there will be days where I just need coffee. There will be days where I can’t avoid eating non-Paleo due to other factors, like eating out or at a friend/relative’s house. I might even cave and have pizza at some point.

My goal is just to eat healthier and have a more Paleo based diet, and I think this plan allows me to do just that. I am not doing this to lose weight or anything. I just want to be generally healthier.

I’ll make my own decision about what I consider to be Paleo food, although that will be based off what other Paleo people have written or said.

I want this to be a positive, fun experience, not me stressing over food or calories. I will go into this attempting to take a relaxed approach.

At this point, I think I am just about ready to begin my 95% Paleo diet! I honestly have basically been doing Paleo already anyways, so might as well get started keeping track of it. Coffee is going to be the big stuggle. I think I will start by just cutting down on it, not eliminating it altogether right off the bat.

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